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We want to inform you that Barbara Nobbe, owner of Pitch Perfect,  has taken a position as the Piano Technician Service Manager for Steinway Piano Galleries in the Atlanta, GA region.  My new phone number is 404-884-5136.

However, as a means to continue providing you excellent piano service, Pitch Perfect has entrusted Simply Grand & Vintage Piano Works to maintain customer care and service. 

Simply Grand & Vintage Piano Works was conceived for the love of music and pianos by owner Matt Grossman.

Vintage Piano Works serves you with complete piano services such as tuning, repairs, voicing, appraisals, reconditioning, rebuilding or complete restoration.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Simply Grand & Vintage Piano Works
or toll free 1-800-924-1900
or email: appointments@vintagepianoworks.com

 Pitch Perfect Pianos
 Barbara Nobbe, RPT
404-884-5136  barbara@pitchperfectpianos.com
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